Design is fundamental to Stobi. It’s what allows us to create quality products that are beautiful in terms of form + function. Backed by a wealth of experience, our in-house design team handles every aspect of the design process, from concept to finished product.


Stobi partners with major manufacturers globally. As well as handling production, our manufacturing team works closely with our design team to bring their concepts to life. All our manufacturers adhere to the highest manufacturing and environmental standards.


The team that brings Stobi to the world. This involves identifying markets which we think have potential, then tailoring our offering to that market in a culturally sensitive way. Our team make sure that, no matter who buys our products, they’ll feel the essence of Stobi at every point.


With logistics partners in each country, Stobi’s network stretches across the globe. Our integrated solutions provide on time delivery and cover the complete chain – from shipment of products by sea or air freight.


Whether it’s negotiating retail contracts, or dealing directly with our partners, the Stobi sales team is the link between our brand, and the people who are stocking our products. For us, sales aren’t just one-off encounters – they’re the basis of an ongoing relationship.


Our support team provides ongoing assistance to our sporting clubs and retail partners – from staff training to logistics and delivery. By maintaining close contact with every client, Stobi support adds significant value to our brand offering.