Stobi Club

A full range of high-performance apparel and equipment for professional teams. Includes the full kit for every member of the club, for both on and off the field. From playing and training strip, to kit bags and tracksuits, every item represents the highest quality of workmanship and design.

In addition to the official club ranges, replica club ranges for each team are also available for fans to buy through merchandise stores.

Stobi Sports

Specifically designed for sporting performance, this range features a wide selection of clothes and accessories, for players of all descriptions. Like the Stobi Club range, every piece has been carefully engineered to allow optimum performance. And, whether it’s a singlet, shirt, tracksuit or jacket, Stobi sports gear all looks great in action.

Stobi Accessories

Scarves, caps and beanies, headbands, towels and gear bags. The Stobi accessories range has everything you need to show your true colours.

Stobi Life

Sometimes, everyday life can feel like an extreme sport. It’s fast-paced, challenging, and constantly throwing us from one situation to the next. Work, social events, sports practice – we hardly get a moment to take a breath, let alone choose an appropriate outfit. 

This is where Stobi Life comes in. It’s a clothing range that’s been purpose-built for the way we live, which means every garment is as versatile as it is stylish. Whether you’re in a meeting, out to lunch, or at a football match, a Stobi Life garment can work for every occasion. Finally, you can enjoy a change of scenery without having to change your shirt every time.